Co2 Control

CO2 Tablets
With this package of CO2 Tabs you will possess a revolutionary new and very powerful product aimed at plants on any growth medium. These simple - and cheap!

more info£3.50

ExHale Natural CO2 Generator
Size: Standard, XL
ExHale cultivates CO2 24 hours a day with no need to refill bottles or use expensive CO2 production units. Lasting for up to 6 months the standard size fits a grow room 1m2 and the XL 2m2 ExHale Co2 bags are a good way to create a continuous supply of natural carbon dioxide for your growing environment - they utilise natural mycelial mass to create carbon dioxide.

more infoFROM £24.95

CO2 Analysis Kit
Great little kit for accurate assessment of CO2 levels

more info£29.95

Unis CO2 Controller
User friendly CO2 Controller that’s well priced and very reliable.The Unis C02 Controller is really simple to set up and use, you simply dial in the grow room size on your Unis Controller, connect up the regulator to your gas bottle.

more info£154.95

Evolution CO2 Control Complete Kit
The Evolution CO2 Controller monitors CO2 levels within the grow room and constantly adjusts the amount of CO2 to maintain ideal conditions for optimal plant growth. This unit is also compatible with the Evolution Digital Fan Speed Controller.

more info£599.95

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