Filters and Fans

Rhino Hobby Filters
Size: 100x300, 125x300, 150x300, 150x600, 200x400, 200x600, 250x600
RHINO HOBBY FILTERS Rhino Hobby Filters are professional-grade filters designed for the hobby grower. Like the Rhino Pro they contain Australian mined RC412 carbon, which is the purest activated carbon available.

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Budget Carbon Filter
Size: 100mm, 125mm, 150mm, 200mm, 250mm, 315mm
Budget Carbon Filters are a more economic version of our standard filter range, offering equal odour removing performance but with a shorter lifespan. Using activated carbon, these filters absorb unwanted smells as the expelled air passes through them, simply attach a suitable extraction fan and ducting to replenish the growroom with fresh air.

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Can-Lite Filters
Model: 1000 Filter - 200/500 (8) 1000m3/hr, 1000 Filter - 250/500 (10) 1000m3/hr, 1500 Filter - 200/750 (8) 1500m3/hr, 1500 Filter - 250/750 (10) 1500m3/hr, 2000 Filter - 250/1000 (10) 2000m3/hr, 2500 Filter - 250/1000 (10) 2500m3/hr, 3000 Filter - 315/1000 (12) 3000m3/hr, 300m3/hr Platic Filter Body (450mm), 3500 Filter - 315/1000 (12) 3500m3/hr, 425m3/hr Platic Filter Body (600mm), 4500 Filter - 315/1000 (12) 4500m3/hr, 600 Filter - 150/475 (6) 600m3/hr
Can-Lite Filters Established for over 25 years, Can- Filters are a market leader in the field of air filtration. The Can-Lite Filters are a range of lightweight carbon filters filled with granulated carbon made from charcoal that is thermally activated (the only real option for air filtration) and are reliable for up to 18 months (with max tolerance - 75% RH & 80C).

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Rhino Pro Filters
Size: 100x300 4in, 125x300 5in, 150x300 6in, 150x600 6in L, 200x400 8in, 200x600 8in L, 250x1000 10in L, 250x600 10in, 315x1000 12in L, 315x600 12in
RHINO PRO FILTERS The Rhino Pro Filter is constructed from Australian-mined RC412 carbon, the best in the world. The carbon is tightly packed and sealed into a high-efficiency airflow cylinder with a vortex cone in the base and a custom pore surface for maximum transference.

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RAM Filter Stand
Carbon Filter StandCarbon Filter stands are an excellent addition to a grow space where you do not have the means to hang a filter.Carbon filters can be rather large and heavy items which can cause problems when it comes to suspending them from either tent supports or directly from a ceiling.

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Ventilation Kit 100
  • Can-Fan RK100L x 1
  • Can-Lite 300PL x 1
  • Can-Lite flange 100mm x 1
  • Ducting 100mm x 10m
  • Hose clips 100mm x 3

  • more info£109.95

    Ventilation Kit 125
  • Can-Fan RK125L x 1
  • Can-Lite 425PL x 1
  • Can-Lite flange 125mm x 1
  • Ducting 125mm x 10m
  • Hose clips 125mm x 3

  • more info£119.95

    Ventilation Kit 150
  • Can-Fan RK150L x 1
  • Can-Lite 800PL x 1
  • Can-Lite flange 150mm x 1
  • Ducting 150mm x 10m
  • Hose clips 150mm x 3

  • more info£149.95

    Ventilation Kit 200
  • Can-Fan RK200L x 1
  • Can-Lite 1000PL x 1
  • Can-Lite flange 200mm x 1
  • Ducting 200mm x 10m
  • Hose clips 200mm x 3

  • more info£219.95

    Ventilation Kit 250
  • Can-Fan RK250L x 1
  • Can-Lite 1500PL x 1
  • Can-Lite flange 250mm x 1
  • Ducting 250mm x 10m
  • Hose clips 250mm x 3

  • more info£269.95

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