HAILEA Glass Tank Heater
Power: 100w, 200w, 300w
Keep your solution at the optimum temperature Our submersible HAILEA Heaters are fully thermostatically controlled and are ideal for the heating of nutrient in tanks. Determine the heater size for your needs check the image in the product photos to cross reference your tank capacity with the temperature difference required.

more infoFROM £12.45

Garland Ultra-Therm Heater Mats
Power/Size: 120w 76cmx36cm, 145w 137cmx25.5cm, 290w 128cmx40.5cm, 60w 61cmx30.5cm, 90w 76cmx36cm
ULTRA-THERM HEATER MATS Quality heater mats for use under solution tanks. Requires a separate thermostat to set and maintain temperature.

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Ikon Oxy Pot
The Oxypot is based around the Hydro Air Pump (a high quality Italian pump that sits in the solution in the Oxypot). No more air stones to get blocked and no air lines.

more info£26.95

Aerodome 20 plant Cutting Aeroponic Pot Propagator
Aerodome 20 Aeroponic Propagator Optimum performance made easy with the Aerodome aeroponic propagator. A finer aerated mist than larger hydro systems thanks to the nutrient solution being returned from the pot's side at high pressure.

more info£44.95

X-Stream Aeroponic Propagator
Plants: 12 plants, 120 plants, 20 plants, 40 plants
X-Stream Aeroponic PropagatorWant your cuttings or seedlings rooted within an average of 8-12 days?.. then the X-Stream Aeroponic Propagator is for you!

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