Dripper Systems

Arrow Dripper
ARROW DRIPPER Allows the placement of a dripper precisely where required. Delivers 2 litres per hour and is used in restrictive media such as Grodan & Coco.

more info£0.20

Flood Dripper
FLOOD DRIPPER Ensures a constant delivery as long as line pressure remains. For use with free-flowing media such as clay pebbles.

more info£0.20

Octa-Mitter Adjustable Dripper
OCTA-MITTER ADJUSTABLE DRIPPER Available with or without a stake. The Octa-mitter is an adjustable dripper giving 0-40 litres per hour.

more info£1.20

Dripper Line
Length: 100m, 10m, 20m, 30m, 40m, 50m
Dripper Line3mm dripper line sold in a variety of convenient metre lengths.Flexible dripper pipe, ideal for a variety of hydroponic uses.

more infoFROM £2.95

GHE WaterFarm Complete System (12 litre)
A great 1 plant drip feed system. The WaterFarm is a simple, quality system that is great for longer term plants and trees.

more info£59.95

GHE AquaFarm Complete System (35 litre)
A great 1 plant drip feed system. The AquaFarm is a larger version of the WaterFarm.

more info£79.95

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