Ebb and Flood

Flo-Gro Complete
Model: Flo-Gro 500 (1 plant), Flo-Gro 510 (2 plants), Flo-Gro 520 (4 plants)
FLO-GRO COMPLETE  Ready to grow! Just add nutrients and clay pebbles.

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IWS Flood and Drain System
Setup: 12 Pot System - 250L FlexiTank, 24 Pot System - 250L FlexiTank, 36 Pot System - 400L FlexiTank, 48 Pot System - 400L FlexiTank, 48 Pot System - 750L FlexiTank, 6 Pot System - 100L FlexiTank
FLOOD & DRAIN REMOTE SYSTEMS Built to suit all levels of grower, from hobbyist to the pro. Our highly developed ebb and flow system works by flooding the bottom of each pot at pre-programmed times, effectively delivering the nutrients direct to the root system.

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