NFT Systems

Gro-Tanks Spreader Mat
Size: 100ft, 25ft, 50ft
Spreader MatEvery NFT system needs Spreader Mat to ensure an even spread of water and nutrients across plant roots.Spreader mat is used to line the bed of NFT Grotanks and break the surface tension of the nutrient solution, ensuring it spreads evenly across the surface of the top tray.

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Nutriculture NFT Gro-Tank Kits
Model: GT100, GT150, GT205, GT424, GT604, GT901
Nutriculture NFT Gro-TanksUnrestricted access to oxygen - without the need for a timerNutriculture Gro-Tanks give roots virtually unrestricted access to oxygen. Yields are typically 3x bigger than if growing in soil.

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Large Multi-Ducts Complete Kits
Size: MD601 6ft (6-8 plants), MD801 8ft (10-12 plants)
Multi-Ducts / NFT The benefits of NFT for the grower who thinks big! Ideal for growers looking to upscale their number of plants and yield, without drastically increasing their workload.

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