Propagation Lighting

Active Eye Analog Light Meter
Since light is the most important single factor affecting your plantsí life cycles, quality light meters are an essential tool in accurately determining if your crop is receiving the optimum light required for healthy growth. A light meter allows growers an accurate means of adapting to their plantsí needs as the light conditions change during a full growing season.

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EnviroGro Propagation Light
Energy saving propagation light for superior plant growth The EnviroGro Propagation Light is a powerful twin tube compact fluorescent system ideal for propagating plants any time, anywhere. This unit radiates a gentle level of heat that complements propagation.

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Envirolite Grow Light
Bulb: 125W 2700K (Red) Flowering, 125W 6400K (Blue) Vegetative, 125W Dual, 250W 2700K (Red) Flowering, 250W 6400K (Blue) Vegetative, 250W Dual, 300W 2700K (Red) Flowering, 300W 6400K (Blue) Vegetative, 300W Dual, 340W 2700K (Red) Flowering, 340W 6400K (Blue) Vegetative
A Complete quality, low running cost, cool running, self ballasted grow light! It comprises of a high quality fully encase reflector and two CFLs.

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