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Natural flowering nutrient

BIOCANNA Bio Flores ensures that a balanced range of nutritional elements are available, adjusted to the soil's nutrient retention properties. Bio Flores stimulates the formation of fruits in this way and it also contains all the nutrients that the plant needs during its flowering phase. Hop extract is one of the ingredients in BIOCANNA Bio Flores and because of its characteristics BIOCANNA Bio Flores provides the necessary minerals for fast growing plants in natural proportions. Hop extract also contains lupuline, luparol, lupulon and humulon for extra flowering power.

Bio Flores was developed for the blooming phase of plants. Due to the fact that Bio Flores is made of plant material it provides many of the necessary minerals in the correct proportions.

In addition to these minerals, the fermentated plantmaterial also contains substances such as Betaine and a lot of aminoacids, which provide the plant with extra blooming power.

Available in 1l or 5l bottles

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