ESSENTIALS pH Down (81% phosphoric acid)

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Necessary to control the pH of nutrient solutions

Essentials pH Down decreases the PH value of a nutrient solution.

To use simply  add pH down to your nutrient solution after you have
mixed up your nutrients and additives. Only small amounts of PH down are
needed to alter your solution. Using a pipette or 10ml syringe will
allow you to control the ph precisely.

Essentials pH Down contains 81% phosphoric acid. Phosphoric acid also
provides a source of Phosphorus, which can be used by plants in Bloom.
When growing indoors the pH value of nutrients fed to plants needs to be
controlled. Plants are able to absorb nutrients more easily at a pH
value of between 5.5 – 6.5.

For plants to perform to their full potential pH will need to be
monitored and adjusted at regular intervals (daily if possible).

Available in 250ml, 1l or 5l bottles

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