LUMii Compacta Potted Ballast

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The LUMii Compacta ballast is available in both 400w and 600w,  and has been redesigned for improved quality and high output, and continue to boast fully enclosed and potted cases.

As with all LUMii ballasts, you are able to get the true output that your plants need. Many ballasts on the market are underpowered to save money, but not LUMii!

All Compacta units have digital ignition that is timed and intelligently monitors your lamp. It will not ignite old lamps that have a danger of overloading.

They run high-pressure sodium and metal halide lamps, with LUMii True Power meaning your 600w lamp gives a true 600w of power.

The LUMii Compacta ballasts have the most windings on the market - costing more to produce but meaning they will run cooler and more efficiently, offering a high power factor (pF).

Some inferior ballasts use less internal winding, deliver less power and therefore less lamp output.

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