EnviroGro Propagation Light

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Energy saving propagation light for superior plant growth

The EnviroGro Propagation Light is a powerful twin tube compact fluorescent system ideal for propagating plants any time, anywhere.

This unit radiates a gentle level of heat that complements propagation. In trials, this has been found to be beneficial in seedling growth in areas with cooler temperatures. It can be hung horizontally for propagation or supplementary lighting for season extension, or vertically for side lighting full term plants. The Everbrite aluminium reflector has a durable, corrosion-resistant mirror finish that give 97-99% reflection while maintaining the lamps colour rendition. The EnviroGro Propagation Light has a 2m mains lead and plug and two hanging hooks.

The supplied Sylvania Lynx-LE lamps are compact fluorescent lamps running at 55w each to give a totall of 9600 lumens at 6500k.

Using these 55w high quality compact fluorescent lamps is the most efficient way to obtain sufficient light levels using a low level of power.

This means you get:

To propagate seeds and cuttings:

We recommend the unit is placed 30cm (12") above the height of the seed tray. If using with a propagator, ensure the lid does not come into contact with the unit. Use a timer and run on for 18 hours and off for 6 hours continuously, or as required.

To provide supplementary light:

Hang the unit horizontally above, or vertically by the side, using the hanging hooks supplied.
Place the unit approximately 15cm (6") away from the plant. Check to ensure the unit is not overheating the plant. If there are signs of the leaves scorching, move the unit further away from the plant and recheck.

Warning - Do not operate in temperatures over 70degrees C or in humidity over 70%

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