PowerPlant Metal Halide 1000w

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1000 Watt Metal Halide Lamp
1000w Powerplant SuperVeg Metal Halide Bulb

PowerPlant lamps are tailored to promote optimum development at each
stage of plant growth. The PowerPlant arc tube dosing technology
achieves more usable light energy without sacrificing intensity or lamp

1000w Powerplant SuperVeg Metal Halide Bulbs are used for the vegetative
phase of plant growth. When in vegetative growth plants prefer blue
spectrum lighting

Powerplant SuperVeg Metal Halide Bulb will fit any reflector with an E40
lamp holder and requires a metal Halide compabitle ballast with matching
wattage to run the bulb safely.

Please note if you use a MH lamp in a dimmable digital ballast, you must
set the wattage to the exact wattage of the metal halide lamp.

These high output, long lasting 1000w metal halide lamps from Powerplant
ensure that your young plants foliage is dark and fast growing. They
also encourage a smaller internodal length, with larger leaves and
thicker stems.



Power Voltage: 240V 50Hz
Lamp Power (W): 1000
Lamp Current (A): 9.5
Rated Life (H): 10000
CCT (K): 4000
Initial Lumens (lm): 92000
Luminous Efficiency (lm/W): 92
PAR (micromols/sec): 1430
Bulb: TT80
Base: E40

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