Pressed Ventilation Reducers

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Used to reduce from one standard ventilation size to another.

This ducting accessory offers you more options and flexibility when it comes to ventilating your grow area, giving you the all-important ability to connect different sizes of ducting and equipment in a single extraction system. This Pressed Ventilation Reducer is the perfect product to provide just that, with a clever design allowing for you to either increase or decrease the size of your extraction system.

Reducers basically allow the grower to connect fans, ducting and other ventilation fittings of differing sizes. Reducers have many applications in ventilation systems. For example, if you increase the size of the ducting near your air extraction outlet, the escaping air will move with a little less speed meaning a reduction in noise.

This product can both increase and decrease the diameter of your piping so no matter what you're looking to do, make sure that you have the top quality offered by this Pressed Ventilation Reducer backing you and your plants up. We recommend utilising the strongest connectors and seals to ensure maximum efficiency.


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