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Let Rhino do the work! The RC-1 enables growers to accurately control the air exchange, set desired temperature and maintain negative pressure in the grow room.

Better Environment = Better Results. One of the defining factors in successful growing is environment. The Rhino RC-1 reliably and
accurately maintains air exchange and airflow in a room enabling your customers to get the most from their plants.

The improved Temperature Fan Controller with Underpressure Control RC-1 now makes controlling the temperature in your grow room easier.

It controls fans without the massive variations in speed. The improved unit will run smoother, increasing in velocity in 20 second increments,
taking warm air out of the room more consistently rather than through significant variations upwards or downwards as per previous models.


1. Set the desired room temperature using the setting dial.

2. Once power is applied, the fan speeds can be set via the minimum
speed dials; one speed control for each input ( Intake / extraction )

3. If desired temperature is exceeded, the two fans will increase to
full speed until the temperature falls back below the set point.

4. Fan speeds will then revert back to idling, controlling the negative
pressure in the environment.

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