Powerplant EnviroGro PRO Twin Lamp Reflector (inc bulbs)

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Powerplant Sunmate Twin CFL Grow Light

Highly reflective, the Sunmate twin is designed to give you excellent results over a larger area. While the lamps are low-heat, the closed-end design of the twin reflector makes it suitable for propagation, vegetative growth or growing on. Features include;

- One switch for each light; enabling you to have one on and one off.
- Double parabolic reflector shape to focus light effectively.
- Choice of wattages and spectrums

The Twin Sun Mate Grow Reflector can be used in a range of growing situations:

- It can take the place of HID lighting in very small grow rooms.
- Can be combined with HID lighting to increase yields.
- Ideal for larger propagation areas.
- It can be used to encourage vegetative growth prior to your plants being planting in your main grow room and therefore reduce transplant shock.

This Twin Sun Mate Grow Reflector is also available without lamps included.


- 67cm x 52cm x 18cm
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