Spin Pro Tumble Trimmer

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Spin Pro Trimmer is the most effective way to trim your plants.

The power of 20 scissors in one unit!

Finally a trimming machine that works, can be cleaned and operates quietly. This fantastic hand operated machine (no electrics, so it is safe to wash clean) trims off excess leaf and plant material by the action of strimming wires behind a safety grill.

Small, light and very powerful, this machine gives professional results. The Spin Pro is completely safe, there are no exposed blades, the cutting wire operates only if the lid is closed.

The grill can be removed, so that you can empty it right away onto a drying rack or collection bin. The Spin Pro is virtually silent. You can work easily for two hours (approx. 3.6 kilos) before the machine has to be cleaned. It is simple and easy to maintain. Made of chrome stainless steel parts, simply use a non-stick cooking spray and leave 30 to 45 minutes then wipe clean with a damp cloth.

All the trim is collected in the stainless steel bowl saving hours of work and sore hands while the product is rolled across the grill by rubber fingers until trimmed, then moved to the edge.

The plant trimmer uses the highest quality medical grade stainless steel, all rubber pieces are made of the highest quality food grade rubber. Comes with spare cutting blades. Worth its weight in gold!

- Cost effective and labour saving
- Quiet
- Easy to clean
- Effective
- High quality components

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