Acoustic Box Fan

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Virtually silent operation when used with the appropriate sized acoustic ducting.

These fans are truly powerful and have to be heard to be believed. Customers are always amazed at how quiet they are and if you require a powerful fan and quietness at the same time then these are the fans for you. Our acoustic fans connects directly to the specified carbon filter .

These powerful fans are capable of moving large amounts of air incredibly quietly. The acoustically insulated cabinets absorb almost all the noise, so there may be no need for a silencer, even with the largest fans. Solid build construction for years of service.

Not only can the acoustic fans move a large amount of air, they are very quiet running. It is the acoustic lining in which the rotary motor is covered that helps to ensure that the acoustic fans are quiet running. When combined with Acoustic fan speed controllers, noise levels can even be reduced in proportion to running speed. The Acoustic fans are also lightweight and compact to fit into the smallest growing area.


6in / 150mm - 500m3

8in / 200mm - 700m3

10in / 250mm - 970m3

Dimensions - 60 x 35cm x 35cm
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