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tri-meter ec ph tds temperature reader

Trimeter ec/ph/temperature

YM-2006A Tri Meter
The continuous-operating Trimeter measures pH from 0-14, nutrient EC: From 0.00 -- 19.99EC, TDS: From 0-9990ppm, CF: From 0.0 -- 199CF, and nutrient temperature from -58-158Fahrenheit. Place it in your reservoir and rely on it for at-a-glance measurement of these three critical factors. The YM provides excellent reliability and is the only one with a temperature( degrees F. Degrees C )ORP EC CF TDS PH function.

PH: 0.00 -- 14.00pH ORP: From 0-1000 mV.
EC: 0.00 -- 19.99
(Temperature)ºC: -50ºC -- 70ºC ºF: -58ºF -- 158ºF
CF: 0.0 -- 199CF TDS: 10 -- 19990ppm

PH: 0.01pH (Temperature)C: 0.1C F: 0.2F
EC: 0.01EC CF: 0.1CF TDS: 10ppm

Accuracy :
PH: ± 0.03 pH C: 1.0C
EC. CF. TDS: ± 2% F. S

Operating Temperature: 0ºC-50ºC
Automatic Temperature Compensation: 0C--50ºC
Batteries: DC6Vor4x1.5V(AG13)
Dimensions: 155x86x22mm

The Nutra-Dip comes complete with a EC / CF and TDS probe, pH sensor and a stainless steel temperature probe. Also a mains adaptor and Calibration trimmer.

Calibration is quick and simple with the easy calibrate pots
The YM mounts to the wall while the wands are always immersed in your hydroponics reservoir for constant readouts.
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