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Chikamasa Scissors


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Chikamasa T-552 Trimming Scissors

  • 50mm cutting surface.
  • High quality carbon steel.
  • Non-slip handle.

The 7-inch Chikamasa T-552 Trimming Scissors are absolutely great when harvest-time comes around. The nicely-sized open handles have lightly
sprung jaws meaning they are comfortable and easy to use. The metal construction makes them rugged and long-lasting. It’s one of those
essential items for the keen grower!

  • Open handles for comfort
  • All metal constuction with plastic coated handles
  • Lightly sprung jaws reduce hand-strain
  • Very sharp blades with fine tips makes accurate trimming easy
  • Features a jaw-lock band for safety and easy storage

The Chikamasa trimming scissors help to make easy work of comfortably and accurately trimming your plants down after harvesting. First of all,
the open handle design significantly reduces hand strain while the lightly sprung jaws do half of the work for you! The very sharp,
medium-fine blades can get in to difficult-to-reach places for precise trimming. The all-metal construction means that these trimming scissors
will really last and the thick plastic coating on the handles makes them comfortable to use for long periods of time. Finally, the scissors can
be held closed together for safety when not in use by the tough rubber band attached to the handles.

To use, simply slide the jaw-lock band off the free-end on one of the handles which then allows the blades to open. The Chikamasa Trimming
scissors are strong and very sharp and can be used to trim plant material or various other items. After use, simply squeeze the handles
together and slide the band jaw-lock back over the end of the free handle to keep the jaws shut for safety.

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