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Guard’n’Aid Rot Stop (Roots)


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Got Pythium? You need this!!!

Helps you fight against fungal disease like Pythium and Fusarium

A concentrated preparation of naturally-occurring bacteria to promote plant and root health in hydroponics and soil/coir based systems. Hardier plants can better resist bacterial and fungal infections that cause root rot.

This specific mix of beneficial bacteria when added to your system makes conditions unfavourable for the growth of fungi, outcompeting the fungi thus assisting the plant to fight back and regain health and encourage fresh root development.

Guard’n’Aid Rot Stop (for Healthy Roots) does not sterilise your root zone, so your natural concentration of beneficial bacteria will not be harmed, allowing the plant to recover quickly.

Guard’n’Aid Rot Stop (for Healthy Roots) is a 100% Natural Product.

Available in 250ml or 1l.

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250ml, 1 litre

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