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Pyrethum 5EC 250ml


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Pyrethrum 5EC is a pesticide that is for professional use only. It is a concentrate that has a maximum dosage of 4ml per litre. Pyrethrum 5EC can be used on both edible and ornamental plants.

Controls aphids, black fly, greenfly, caterpillars and white fly on organic flowers, fruit, and vegetables

Contains 5% Natural Pyrethrins

  • Pyrethrum 5EC is approved for use against a wide range of pests including greenfly, whitefly, aphids, flea beetle and caterpillars
  • For use on all edible and non edible vegetables, soft fruit and ornamentals. Can be used in indoor and outdoor growing systems
  • Can be used with a wide range of water volumes 275-1500 l/ha
  • Leaves no pesticide residues. Can be harvested after 24 hours from last treatment. Can be used in organic farming systems
  • Approved for tractor mounted boom spraying
  • No limit on the number of applications per season
  • Approved by all the major retail growers and listed in the UK Pesticide Guide (The Green Book)
  • 100% natural active Ingredients
  • Organic Farmers & Growers Approved


How Pyrethrum 5EC Works:

Pyrethrum is a naturally-derived, professional-grade pesticide which attacks the nervous system of a wide spectrum of pest insects. Pyrethrum 5EC kills aphids, fruit flies, fungus gnats, greenfly, spider mites, ticks, tobacco beetles, whitefly, blackfly, springtails, moths and many other garden pests. Pyrethrum 5EC is registered as suitable for organic and non-organic farming as it kills pests quickly, leaves no toxic residue and edible food crops can be safely harvested only 24 hours after application. Pyrethrum 5EC is a natural insecticide made from dried Chrysanthemum flowers and it is registered as suitable for both organic and non-organic farming.



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