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Sulfume Hotbox


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Hotbox Sulfume

The only Sulphur Vaporiser with the unique Hotbox Temperature Regulation System

The hotbox sulfume sulphur vaporisor helps to protect crops from fungal disease such as mildew, botrytis and black spot. It also inhibits the spread of greenhouse pests and mites.

Includes 500g of sulphur.

Hotbox Sulfume

  • Unique temperature control – cannot overheat the sulphur to create damaging oxides, releases ONLY pure sulphur
  • Regulated element – makes combustion impossible, eliminates the risk of fire and makes the Sulfume the safest on the market
  • Energy efficient – the lowest energy consuming sulphur evaporator available
  • Flexible voltage – can work on any supply from 110V to 250V, with no loss of performance in low voltage areas.
  • Manufactured in high quality materials – to ensure durability. Ideal for roses, strawberries, begonias, saint paulia, tomatoes, peppers
    and gerbera. Temperature regulation is important to ensure the sulphur is vapourised at just the right temperature.
  • The Hotbox Sulfume cannot produce oxides of sulphur.
  • Sulphur in the greenhouse will prevent damage to crops by Powdery Mildew and Black Spot.
  • It will also prevent the spread of other fungal diseases as the fungal spores cannot spread in the sulphurous atmosphere.
  • Other greenhouse pests such as the Spider Mite can also be controlled by vapourising sulphur.
  • As the Sulfume cup is positioned centrally on the heating element, even distribution of the sulphur is ensured by the natural venturi effect.


By using a uniform shaped cup, positioned accurately within the centre of the Sulfume cylinder, distribution is ensured through the natural
funnel effect. One Sulfume is capable of treating between 100 – 1000m² Up to 100 Sulfumes may be needed per hectare depending on the crop and
severity of fungal problems.


The aluminium cups are designed specifically for sulphur. Due to the special design of the cups, performance cannot be predicted if
non-standard cups are used.


The self regulated heating plate is manufactured in quality aluminium. This insures a long life, with no danger of breakage from rough use,
condensation or Sulphur spillage.


The Sulfume can save you money. After an initial surge for less than 1 second, the element operates at 100 watts until the desired temperature
is achieved. It then drops to under 50 watts to maintain the temperature. At this level it is the most economic Sulphur vapouriser
available. The self regulation uses new technology and does not operate like a traditional thermostat, therefore the consumption changes only
slightly with variations in temperature.


The Hotbox Sulfume is the only Sulphur vapouriser capable of guaranteeing that no burning of Sulphur will take place. Hotbox ensure
the regulation of temperature is accurate, therefore eliminating any danger of burning and production of any unwanted oxides of sulphur.


The heat plate within the Sulfume is automatically regulated to a fixed temperature, perfect for Sulphur when using the Hotbox aluminium cup.
The temperature is constantly maintained through self regulation. You will never find a Hotbox Sulfume above or below the designed temperature.


All Sulfumes are manufactured to a high standard using a Stainless Steel body. The unit is built to last. Due to the regulation of the heating
plate and the use of the stainless steel, the Sulfume can be touched on the outside during use, therefore safe for the workplace.


The Sulfume is truly independent. Even if there are great fluctuations in voltage the Sulfume will always maintain the same temparature. Hotbox
can guarantee that performance will always be consistent despite voltage changes. The Sulfume is the only Sulphur vapouriser that can do this.

Coverage will depend on the susceptibility of the crop to fungal disease. Typical uses range from 100 Sulfume per Hectare on roses and
Strawberries, 50 per hectare on Begonias and gerberas and 12 per hectare on tomatoes and peppers.

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