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Hailea HC-100A Reservoir Chiller




Keep your solution cool

Chillers enable you to have a variable control over your water temperature. They are ideal for aquariums and large hydroponic systems. They can process 1000’s of litres of water which is great for sudden temperature changes.

The HC-100A chiller is ideal for use with hydroponics systems. Temperatures can be set accurately with its digital control technology and the on board electronic display makes the chiller quick and easy to use!


If you find your nutrient solution is getting too warm..

  • Roots regeneration and growth will suffer
  • Oxygen levels will drop
  • Nasty slime can appear on your roots
  • Lower nutrient uptake

Algae survives in warmer nutrient climate, if algae appears in your solution your oxygen level will drop further!


If you can keep your Nutrient temperature at the correct level (17oC – 21oC) then

  • Nutrient uptake is high
  • Pythium, Root disease & Algae are less of a threat
  • Oxygen levels will stay high


Pythium, Root Diseases & Algae prevention

If you have a Hydro system a chiller is exactly what you need to ensure your plants stay healthy! Keeping the solution in your system cool is key as it helps oxygen levels stay high and nutrient diseases can’t survive. This will reduce the risk of algae which can be caused by warm feed within your system.


Flow: 200-1000 Litres per hour

Water Refrigerated: 100 litres

Weight: 9.2 kilograms

Dimensions (LxWxH): 338 x 218 x 325mm

Connector Size: 13mm


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