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Gorilla Acoustic Box Fan


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The Gorilla Acoustic box fan incorporates a high quality Torin Sifan double entry centrifugal fan and the 18mm MDF Box is lined with 12mm fire resistant acoustic foam for quiet running.

The fans are available in five sizes from 1000M3/hr to 4250M3/hr (6″ to 12″) and a full range of spigot sizes and configurations can be manufactured.

An extensive range of standard size fans are available from stock. The superior construction method includes fully sealed edge and flange joints creating an airtight, high performance fan.

150MM (6″) 1000M3/HR

200MM (8″) 1000M3/HR

200MM (8″) 1500M3/HR

250MM (10″) 1500M3/HR

250MM (10″) 2500M3/HR

315MM (12″) 3250M3/HR

315MM (12″) 4250M3/HR

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150MM 6" 1000M3/HR, 200MM 8" 1000M3/HR, 200MM 8" 1500M3/HR, 250MM 10" 1500M3/HR, 250MM 10" 2500M3/HR, 315MM 12" 3250 M3/HR, 315MM 12" 4250M3/HR

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