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SMSCom Plug In Smart Fan Speed Controller With Probe


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The SMSCom Fan speed controller is an excellent piece of equipment that makes adjusting your fans extremely easy with just a turn of a knob! The probe makes the controller act independatly by just setting your correct temperature on the base and letting the controller do there rest for you. This gives ideal your plants perfect growing environments with minimal effort!!


  • Wide fan speed adjustment
  • Can supply up to 1500 Watts (6.5 amps)
  • Plugs straight in to the mains
  • Extremely reliable

The temperature sensor very simply plugs into the small jack socket on the top of the unit. When this is done, the fan speed control on the fan speed controller sets the minimum constant fan speed while a second control on the controller allows you set a “maximum” temperature which when reached will increase the fan speed to full until the temperature in the grow-space has dropped back down again.

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