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OK Ozone Generator


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This unit neutralises odours at source.

OK Ozone safely affects the molecular strucure of offensive micro-organisms to eliminate smells. The unit will also kill mould, mildrew and bacteria.


  • Low running costs – typically costs 40% less than ultraviolet units.
  • Harmless to plants – full control of output ensuring that ozone levels are entirely benficial to plant growth
  • Safe – No harmful radiation or risk of injury to eyes.
  • Simple to install and use.
  • Very sinple to clean and service with no special tools or skills required.
  • Broad output range

Technical Specification

Dimension: 280×190×70mm
Features: Voltage:AC220-240V/110-120V
Power: 12W
Timer: ON/0~30min
Ozone Output: 200mg/hr
Pump Output: 2~3L/min


  • Three patents used: ZL99251012.0 , ZL00202690.2 , ZL01222527.4
  • Ozone is one kind of effective disinfectant with the features of quick-act, broad-spectrum, no pollution and can fill the whole place evenly
  • Ozone generator for water and air can be utilized easily, applied to many aspects
  • Patent technology that ozone produced by discharging in a pipe, with long life and a scintilla of oxynitride
  • Add a interference unit, low magnetic radiation, no interruption to other electronic equipments and theirs circuits

Main function:

  • Sterilisation of fruit and vegetable, keeping food fresh
  • Water treatment
  • Air purification


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