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HAILIEA HX-2500 Liquid Pump 650lph M/Head 1.2m with Air Pipe


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How do HAILEA Liquid Pumps work?

Liquid pumps that can work in low water

These versatile little pumps have fully adjustable flow rate regulators (not HX- 2500) and have the ability to work in low water conditions. HX-2500 and HX- 4500 also come with the added bonus of an oxygen mixing unit as standard.


ABS case and high quality stainless steel shaft, suitable for fresh and sea water and ideal for use with nutrient salts.

  • Built-in flow regulator to control flow easily
  • Ideal for pumping nutrients in NFT/Flood and Drain applications
  • Mounted on suction cups for secure location
  • These pumps are designed for continuous use
  • HX-2500 and HX-4500 have oxygen mixing function
  • Rubber suction mounting feet for ease of installation in glass systems
  • Compact construction for use in tanks and water features

Air Mix System

The mixing accessory which comes with HX-2500 and HX-4500 models allows large quantities of air to be mixed with the water while the pump is in use, considerably increasing the concentration of oxygen (O2).

Note: Only suitable for use when liquid flow is unrestricted.

  • Best for 30-80l tanks
  • Single Unit
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