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33L DWC R Root Rapid


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The DWCR Rapid Root – All the benefits of the DWC with the added advantages of constant nutrient recirculation resulting in unrivalled success.

Now growers can have both power and control with our new recirculating Bubble Pot DWC-R system. By super-oxygenating the root zone and recirculating the nutrient solution this system delivers incredible results.

Reliable, easy to use and maintain. With no waste and little growing medium required.

Bubble Pot DWC-R ensures that pH and EC levels remain consistently stable across the entire system.

Comes complete with clay for net pots.

  • Maximum nutrient update
  • Rapid root zone formation
  • Low maintenance
  • Automated return system
  • Proven DWC results
  • Greater pathogen resistance

Deep water culture (DWC Hydroponics), whilst being on growers must try list, for many has become their most preferred method of growing. Compared to other systems Deep Water Culture (DWC Hydroponics) is very effective whilst being great value for money.

How does DWC work?

As the name implies the plants sit above, whilst the roots are constantly submerged in a deep water nutrient solution. This is made possible by pumping a constant flow of defused air through the nutrient solution in each individual pot.

PH and EC testing and control can be time consuming and laborious as the readings tend to fluctuate between each individual pot. These and other concerns including basic maintenance and keeping the pots fresh and pathogen free is all but eliminated by not only pumping air through but by constant or timed nutrient re-circultation.

The DWC-R and Root Rapid deep water culture hydroponics systems offer growers the power and control to easily overcome potential problems and drawbacks. These systems, by not only oxygenating the nutrient solution, but by either timed or constant nutrient circultation combined with constant filtering maintain uniform PH/EC readings in every pot allowing you to get a complete system overview by taking readings from either the control pot or the nutrient tank.


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