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ESSENTIALS Wetter 250ml


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New beneficial bacteria based wetter for foliar feed and rehydrating dry soils

A concentrated preparation of naturally occurring bacteria and biodegradable  wetting agents for aiding foliar feeding and soil re-wetting. Now with the  added benefit of a bacterial shield against disease and to aid in nutrient  absorption.

Benefits of use in Foliar application – Used in  combination with a foliar feed of your choice

  • Vital for foliar feeding to reduce the surface  tension of water. It will ensure the adhesion  of droplets on difficult to wet leaves
  • Will assist in the plant’s ability to absorb the  nutrient solution through the plant tissue
  • Includes beneficial bacteria, such as strains  of Bacillus subtilis which helps prevent  against fungal disease
  • Beneficial bacteria element  helps condition leaves  Benefits of use in soil
  • Overcomes the water  repellent properties of  hydrophobic (dry) soils, especially when irrigation  has failed or in drought  conditions allowing the soil  to be re-wet more effectively
  • Allows more effective water  penetration through the soil  by distributing water both  horizontally and vertically,  thus reducing wasteful  run-off
  • Environmentally friendly and  nontoxic components
  • Improves root structure of plants
  • Helps prevent against fungal disease
  • Improves nutrient intake

250ml bottle

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