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Evoponic Liquid Ice 250ml



What is liquid ice?

Liquid ice a new biostimulant product carefully designed to stimulate plants into coping with stress problems and growing through adverse heat conditions. Liquid ice has proven reduce effects of overheating in growing environment on plants, allowing the plants to not only cope but thrive when temperatures rise above 30*C.

Liquid ice contains the following essential nutrients in a balanced format designed to increase optimum yield:

Nitrogen    2.0%          Magnesium      0.3%

Sulphur      5.0%          Boron               0.15%

Copper       0.5%          Iron                   0.2%

Magnese   0.1%          Zinc                  0.5%

Carbon      1.25%        Seaweed          5.0%

Gibbrellins & Auxins, betaines, Amino Acids, Vitamin B1 Traces.

Rates of use:

Soil / Coco / Hydro : ADD 3-5ML per 10L of nutrient solution. ALWAYS ADD TO FRESH SOLUTION!

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