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300w CFL Bulb



Bulb Holder

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Giant 300w Blue Spectrum & CFL Hanger

300w of low cost high output plant lighting.

With BLUE 6400K filaments for vegetative and propagation stages. A great new edition to this increasingly popular range, we’re sure the Self-Ballasted Lamps (CFL) will become just as popular. They’re ideal for:

  • Propagation or vegetative stages
  • Over wintering plants
  • Side lighting
  • Mother Plants

They provide your plants with lots of usable light for best growth and yield. They give off very little heat, meaning you can place them close to your plants for maximum output. As the lamps are self-ballasted, you simply screw the CFL into your E40 reflector or hanger, giving you great convenience and flexibility – as well as cost savings. The Compact Fluorescent lamp generates low heat, uses low energy, and is incredibly effective. Due to its energy saving properties the Compact fluorescent helps reduce the overall operating costs of running an indoor garden.

Compact Fluorescent lamps output 100% PAR (Photosynthetically active radiation) which helps your plants grow to be extra strong – Compact Fluorescent Bulbs are available for propagation, vegetation and flowering, and being self-ballasting – it’s even more cost effective and simple to install. If you wish to set up an indoor hydroponic grow room but you are concerned with the temperatures that HID lighting can create, don’t panic as these compact fluorescent lamps will run a lot cooler and they are great for small grow rooms and tents. Compact fluorescent lamps have an integral ballast fitted which makes them suitable to run without any additional ballast required, just a normal plug timer can be used to control the on and off periods. These lamps can be hung vertically in amongst your plants for additional lighting with an E40 ceramic lamp holder that has a cable and plug fitted, or they can be hung horizontally in a suitable reflector that has a mains plug fitted to cover your plants from above.

These energy efficient lamps can last for up to 10,000 hours and with the low temperatures they emit, they can be positioned a lot closer to your plants.

Giant CFLs are market leading high powered compact fluorescent grow lamps (CFL) that can be used as either your primary grow light or as a supplementary light to your main grow light. They are available in Dual, blue and red spectrums for vegetative and/or flowering growth. CFL bulbs are inexpensive to purchase and operate. When you flip on the light switch, an electrical current flows through a combination of argon and a small amount of mercury gas. This gas generates an invisible ultraviolet light that stimulates the phosphorous coating on the inside of the bulb which in turn produces the light that we see. CFL bulbs, as mentioned above, are the best method for growing food from hydroponics, since they provided the light required for faster plant growth. If you choose to cultivate plants through hydroponics, you can set your garden in such place where you can take good care of the food and the plants receive adequate sunlight. However, if you plan to grow food in your kitchen, CFL bulbs are useful equipments for providing the light required for the growth of plans, vegetables, and fruits.

If you grow plants outdoors in your garden, they may be susceptible to certain risks like adverse weather, animal attacks etc. By growing plants inside your house, you avert these risks and can take better care of the plants. The CFL bulb will sufficiently provide the appropriate amount of light needed for plant growth. In fact, full spectrum CFL bulbs will make it seem as if your plants are taking in continuous sunlight, even if there are set in a windowless basement. A full spectrum CFL bulb generates approximately, 6500 kilowatts of electricity. The manufacturer guarantees that is amount is a sufficient temperature that helps in fast plant cultivation. The CFL bulb is made with technology that emulates sunlight, and so it is helpful in growing plants wherever they are planted. Additionally, CFL bulbs produce a minimal amount of heat, so your plants are safe from any harm that may be caused.

Installation Advice

When fitting your lamp into a holder, make sure you hold the lamp at the top to screw it in the holder and not by the glass, as it is very fragile.

E40 CFL Lamp Hanger With Plug

Our CFL lamp hanger with plug is a great way of getting a CFL lamp working when you don’t have space for a reflector.

  • 4 metre long cable
  • Strong E40 light fitting
  • Moulded mains plug
  • Great for CFL lamps
  • Not for use with HID lamps
  • Heavy Duty Ceramic Coil Insulator – Dissipates heat quicky & efficiently
  • 4 metre cable attached to a heavy duty, sealed and fused 3 pin UK 240v plug ready for use.

Simply screw in your CFL, Hang, Plug & Grow

Suitable for 125w – 300w CFL lamps – no ballast required !

The CFL lamp hanger with moulded plug consists of a 4 metre long mains cable with a moulded mains plug at one end and a tough E40 lamp fitting at the other. The CFL lamp hanger with moulded plug is a very economical way of getting a CFL lamp up and running easily and economically.

Hang the E40 fitting end of the CFL lamp hanger over your grow-space and carefully screw in your CFL lamp firmly by holding the base only. Screwing in your CFL by holding the glass may cause it to break or shatter. Run the mains cable to a mains socket. Plug it in and switch it on. This product should not be used with HID lamps as plugging an MH or HPS lamp directly into the mains without a ballast may cause damage, fire or even an explosion.

CFL Characteristics

  • Lamp type – Compact Fluorescent – Self Ballasted
  • Base – E40
  • Voltage – 220/240V
  • Wattage – 300W
  • Life Expectancy – 10000 Hours

Photometric Characteristics

  • Colour Temperature BLUE SPECTRUM = 6400K
  • Input Voltage – 220/240V at 50/60Hz
  • Input Current – 0.7A

Use with an E40 hanger or CFL reflector- just plug in and grow!!!

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Blue (6400K) Vegetative

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