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600w LUMii BLACK Magnetic Grow Light Kit


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The Lumii 600w complete kit is a high quality grow light and comes with the following:

Lumii 600w Black magnetic ballast, Lumii maxi adjustable reflector and a Lumii 600w spectratech dual spectrum bulb

Lumii 600w compact ballast

The LUMii BLACK Metal Magnetic Ballast is supplied with a flying IEC lead which enables you to add any reflector fitted with a universal IEC socket. It’s simple to start growing, just add a reflector and a lamp with the same wattage as the ballast.

The well vented metal-case ensures the ballast runs cool and quiet and features wall-hanging brackets making them fully wall-mountable, thus making more space in your grow room.

Lumii maxi adjustable reflector

The maxi reflector is a simple and easy-to-use Dutch barn style reflector. It is an open-ended, highly polished and dimpled lightweight reflector, which gives an efficient and even distribution of light.

Lumii Spectratech 600w dual spectrum bulb

600w Lumii Grow Lighst are a new range of HID Lamps. They are tailored to promote optimum development at each growth stage.

The 600w Lumii Grow Light is a 600w high pressure sodium (HPS) lamp that has an enhanced output for light loving plants. It has an elevated amount of blue light and a raised discharge in the red spectrum – providing a good spectrum of light for plants to thrive under.

The 600w Lumii Grow Light lamp provides a good middle ground for use throughout vegetative growth and flowering.


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