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Digital 600w Grow Light Package


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The Digital 600w Grow Light Package is a complete kit and comes with the following:

The LUMii DIGITA ECO Ballast, Lumii maxi adjustable reflector and the Lumii Spectratech 600w dual spectrum bulb.

Lumii maxi adjustable reflector

The maxi reflector is a simple and easy-to-use Dutch barn style reflector. It is an open-ended, highly polished and dimpled lightweight reflector, which gives an efficient and even distribution of light.

LUMii 600w Switchable DIGITA ECO Ballast


The LUMii DIGITA ECO Ballast is a fully electronic switchable ballast. This technology is micro-processor controlled and works at higher frequency (hertz) than the standard magnetic ballast meaning more light gets to your plants. It is also more efficient meaning more output per watt of energy consumed. The LUMii DIGITA ECO Ballast is dimmable and also, has a boost setting for each lamp size meaning you can take control of the light output.

More light output per watt of energy consumed

With the new LUMii  DIGITA ECO Ballast less wattage is lost in the transmission of power from the wall socket to the lamp. Better power management means more light to the plant and less energy consumed. The quality of the light produced is also a lot more stable thanks to LUMiis power management software built into the unit that monitors for lamp degradation and power fluctuation from the grid, this produces a higher hertz rate and optimum light levels. The lamp is very quick to ignite, using less power at the ignition stage and giving your plants a full spectrum light source within 5 minutes (magnetic ballast technology takes up to 20 minutes for the lamp to come up to full brightness).

Ultra quiet

The LUMii DIGITA ECO Ballast is one of the quietest ballasts on the market with no hum or vibration (this is common with magnetic or fan cooled electronic technology).

Ultra compact and cooler operation

The LUMii DIGITA ECO Ballast is one of the smallest and coolest running available, this has been achieved by creating a component set that does not generate a lot of heat. Less heat and a well-designed body shell means you can have less airspace inside the body which allows the design to be smaller. In addition, less heat means more efficient use of power and better environmental control.

Ultra lightweight

The LUMii DIGITA ECO Ballast is very lightweight compared with a magnetic ballast.

Safe operation

The LUMii DIGITA ECO Ballast has safety features built in that protects the units circuitry if a short is detected. The LUMii DIGITA ECO Ballast is resin covered on the inside, helping to protect from dust ingress to the components and creating even heat distribution, meaning there is no fan. This means the product is more robust and has increased longevity over fan based ballasts.

Lumii Spectratech 600w dual spectrum bulb

600w Lumii Grow Lights are a new range of HID Lamps. They are tailored to promote optimum development at each growth stage.

The 600w Lumii Grow Light is a 600W high pressure sodium (HPS) lamp that has an enhanced output for light loving plants. It has an elevated amount of blue light and a raised discharge in the red spectrum – providing a good spectrum of light for plants to thrive under.

The 600w Lumii Grow Light lamp provides a good middle ground for use throughout vegetative growth and flowering.

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