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Hortigear Magnetic 600w Grow Light Kit


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The kit contains a Hortigear 600w Magnetic Ballast, a Lumii Dutch Barn style Reflector and a 600w Lumii Sunblaster Dual Spectrum Lamp.

The Hortigear Magnetic Ballast is an excellent addition to any grow room for those who are looking for a high quality and reliable magnetic ballast at a reasonable cost.

Available in 600w, the Hortigear ballast is manufactured in Europe and they’re ready to use straight out of the box, the white metallic case is stylish, strong, splash proof and has air vents to allow for cooling. It can be used with any reflector with an IEC connection.

Designed to run HPS (High Pressure Sodium) and MH (Metal Halide) lamps, they feature a 1 meter lead and UK mains plug.

Technical data

  • Available in 600w
  • 2.8 amp current consumption
  • Voltage: 230/240v 50Hz
  • Length: 300mm / Width: 130mm / Height: 120mm
  • 1 meter power cable and UK mains plug

LUMii MAXii Reflector With 2 Hooks And Cord Set

The LUMii MAXii is a simple and easy-to-use Dutch barn-style reflector. It is an open ended highly polished and dimpled lightweight reflector which gives an efficient and even distribution of light. Unlike others on the market, the LUMii MAXii includes a unique lamp holder that is adjustable and designed to fit all E40 lamp types. All earth requirements are incorporated into the lamp holder itself. This safety feature means that there is no need for additional components.


L: 470mm x W: 430mm x H: 190mm

The LUMii MAXii comes as a complete HID reflector set and is supplied with hanging hooks.

LUMii Sunblaster 600w Lamps

The LUMii Sunblaster Dual Spectrum HPS offers exceptionally high output – Couple this with raised spectral discharge in the reds and blues and a long lamp life, and you have the perfect plant grow light.

Tube inflated crystal glass offers consistent thickness allowing more even light output. The design of the lamp has avoided the use of barium film which means no blackening of the glass and less gas impurities in the lamp. It also allows for a cleaner more stable light output. The E40 mechanical double layer base design eliminates soldering and paste and delivers a 100% inline base.

  • The 600w lamp has 32,000 life hours and colour temperature of 2000K.
  • The 600w will output 155 lumens per watt and has an E40 base fitting.
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