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Parabolic Grow Light Package


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Lumii 600w compact ballast

Lumii ballasts do not compromise quality and all feature timed ignitors are CE approved and are supplied boxed with a 1m mains lead and are ready to use.

The new 600 watt LUMii’ COMPACTA has the same great component quality and high light output that you would expect from a LUMii’ professional horticultural lighting product, with the added benefit of a fully enclosed and potted case, offering IP34. As with all LUMii’ ballasts, you are able to get the true spectral output that your plants need. Many ballasts on the market are underpowered to save money, but not LUMii’!

  • Injection-moulded case in fire resistant glass filled Nylon
  • Can be wall mounted or used horizontally or vertically (slotted hanging hook incorporated)
  • Silent and cool running
  • Electronic intelligent timed ignitor
  • Fitted with IEC connector cord and UK mains lead
  • Will fire your lamp up to 15m from your ballast
  • 12 month guarantee

Parabolic Reflector

The parabolic reflector is highly effective at focusing light downwards, which gives an efficient and even distribution of light.

Lumii Spectratech 600w dual spectrum bulb

600w Lumii Grow Lights are a new range of HID Lamps. They are tailored to promote optimum development at each growth stage.

The 600w Lumii Grow Light is a 600W high pressure sodium (HPS) lamp that has an enhanced output for light loving plants. It has an elevated amount of blue light and a raised discharge in the red spectrum – providing a good spectrum of light for plants to thrive under.

The 600w Lumii Grow Light lamp provides a good middle ground for use throughout vegetative growth and flowering.


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