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Maxiswitch 8 Way Relay With Built In Grasslin Timer (26A)


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The Maxiswitch 8 way controller is suitable for up to 8 lights at lights at once, depending on the wattage of light being used.

The unit works by diverting the live load around the segmental timer to a contactor/relay, the timer simply switches the contactor/relay to complete/break the circuit.  This 8-way unit is rated to 26A, it will safely switch up to 8 X 600W.

This unit has a built in timer and requires a double wall-socket to supply all 8 channels.


• Before doing anything with the unit, make sure that the power supply is disconnected.
• Keep away from children, pets and water.
• This product is intended for switching electrical products with a total load not exceeding 13A per 4 way gang-socket.
• Never use more than 13 Amps of HID (High Intensity Discharge) lighting per 4-way gang socket with this unit.
• Never tamper with the unit as there are no user serviceable parts inside and this will void the guarantee. • Do not plug this unit into extensions or adapter sockets.
• After switching off the unit, leave for at least 3 minutes before unplugging it to allow any connected appliances to safely discharge.

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